Saturday, January 23, 2010

'Yeh mera India' Movie

Just watched a great movie...'Yeh mera India'...nd i really liked it...its a must watch....m sharing the few 'Sher' used in the movie....

किरण चाहूँ तो दुनिया के अँधेरे घेर लेते है
कोई मेरे तरह जी ले तो जीना भूल जायेगा

साथ भी छोडा तो कब,जब सब बुरे दिन कट गए
ज़िन्दगी तुने कहाँ आकर दिया धोखा मुझे

हमें इस चिस्त से उम्मीद क्या थी और क्या निकला
कहाँ जाना हुआ था तय कहाँ से रास्ता निकला
खुदा जिनको समझते थे वो शीशा थे न पत्थर थे
जिसे पत्थर समझते थे वही अपना खुदा निकला

जिसने इस दौर के इन्सान किये है पैदा
वो मेरा भी खुदा होगा मुझे मंज़ूर नहीं ॥

अगर टूटे किसी का दिल ,तो शब् भर आँख रोती है
ये दुनिया है गुलो की जो इसमें काटे पिरोती है
हम मिलते है अपने गाँवों में दुश्मन से भी इठला कर
तुम्हारा शहर देखा तो बड़ी तकलीफ होती है


  1. Beautiful Lines...Eventhough, Its with much difficulty that I read and understand Hindi...I love such lyrics which has deep meanings..unlike all those made up lyrics to fill up music...

    Have u heard the song Aankh hein bhari bhari aur tum...muskurane kii baath karthe hoo...It is a fav of mine...

    Thanks for following my blog and for the comments...Do keep blogging...and encourage me with ur opinions...

  2. hey main bhi aisa hi hoon. i also watch movies very deeply.3 idiots aisa laga meri life par hai. on 5th oct 2008 i stood up and said a speech in between a national conference on how our country can improve for 45 minutes . the college removed that part from cds made. everything rancho said in class was there in it. i will send a copy which consists one minute recording of that, just starting.
    but rocket singh is helping me a lot as i m about to open a school in uttar pradesh backward area by getting money from some one. i was thinking what to do to earn money along with school so that i can do more social activties i m also setting up a computer company but a m zero in computers but still i will open but mera usse jyada chalega as i m opening to suppot my country not as profession to earn. make me a member of this blog so that i can help u.


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