Saturday, January 29, 2011

A dream, i dream !!!

I dream a dream these days,
A society free from fear,hate ,corruption & war,
Where there is peace for Everyone !!!

A dream ...
Where every soul will live a peaceful desired life,
Where every breathe will be in a positive healthy environment ...
This era of Hope,Trust,Value and brotherhood...
Would it be possible in this 21st Century ...

I believe ,
I hope
One day will come
which will bring such an era ...
Which will fulfill this dream of mine...

One Day there will be Faith in the air,
Love in the hearts,
Hope in every voice ,

There would be such a society,
I believe in 'me' to build such a society....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


वो जाने के बाद लग रहा है ,
कितना अकेला हू मैं उसके बिन
कितना अधूरा ,
कितना ही अपूर्ण ,

साथ होता है जब तक कोई ,
क्यों नही समझ पाते उसके अस्तित्व को हम ,
जाने पे आया समझ मुझे ,
दुनिया क्या है , वो क्या है ,

क्यों ?
क्यों पहले सब समझ नही आ पाता?
क्यों पहले हम कुछ नही कर पाते ?
इस अधूरेपन को नही समझ पाते ?
जाने पे ही क्यों होता है ये एहसास ?
काश !!!
ये शब्द 'काश' कितने ही इच्छाओं को
पूर्ण करता है मनुष्य की ,

आज मैं भी इस शब्द का ही सहारा लिए हूँ ,
'काश' .......

Sunday, January 2, 2011


M again with these loved ones,
M again with these trees, hills and nature...
feeling that divine ecstacy again,
this feeling of wilderness
this wild call of my life,
keeps encouraging my gist of coming here again and again
it felt like ..
m a resident of here only,
this is my home...

i touched and felt
the existence of this tree,
the another breathing creature
i hugged and shared
this great bond of love
tears started falling from my eyelids,
i am lost in this enlightened experience of our souls.
me n my this new friend,

as my eyes fall on the next one,
felt like
its also crying for the same peace ,
it also wants to share its existence with me,
calling me to come
come, a lost friend of mine
come to awaken the soul...

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