Saturday, January 29, 2011

A dream, i dream !!!

I dream a dream these days,
A society free from fear,hate ,corruption & war,
Where there is peace for Everyone !!!

A dream ...
Where every soul will live a peaceful desired life,
Where every breathe will be in a positive healthy environment ...
This era of Hope,Trust,Value and brotherhood...
Would it be possible in this 21st Century ...

I believe ,
I hope
One day will come
which will bring such an era ...
Which will fulfill this dream of mine...

One Day there will be Faith in the air,
Love in the hearts,
Hope in every voice ,

There would be such a society,
I believe in 'me' to build such a society....


  1. You reminded me of Ravindrnaath Tagore!

  2. Kshama ji ,
    Thanks a lot for such a nice comment...
    Its too inspirational for me and i feel that its one of the best comment of my life...

    Thanks ,


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