Monday, October 15, 2012

Infinity ...

Standing in front of the sea again,
seems like its infinity teaching me..
sharing me the greatest lesson of life...
about the infinite ability of human being...

The sea seems to be calm ,
whatever happening inside deep down,
just showing me its calmness and greatness,
i must learn ,
whatever happens in life ,
i must be calm from inside in all situations
The peace must remain same always...

Another moments passed by,
i lie down ,
closed my eyes...
holding the infinity's hand besides me...
i ponder over my thoughts,
the sea is talking to me,
i am listening the sound of waves...
the more the sound,
the more peace for me...

Soon i lost in the infinity,
become one with this infinite,
sharing its greatness, calmness and infinity,
I just lost ...
speechless...calm...peace..silence only !!!

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