Thursday, September 24, 2009


यह निरूदेशय जीवन मुझे स्वीकार नही
मुझे स्वीकार नही यह कठिनाइयों से रीता जीवन

मुझे तो अभी उड़ना है ,
अपनी सबसे ऊँची उड़ान ॥
कठिनाइयों को परखना है
पहाडों को फांदना है ॥

कितने ही अभागे हैं इस संसार में
उनके साथ भी तो चलना है
उनके दर्द को महसूस करके
उन्हें असीम प्रेम भी तो देना है ॥

तभी शायद सफल होगा ये जीवन
ये निर्रुदेशय जीवन ॥


  1. Harek rachna aprateem..I too came on your blog for the first time!Want to read for some more time...! Leisurely!
    Aap har mushkil ko laanghke aage badhenge!!May God, your dreams r fulfilled!
    Thanks a lot for visiting & reading the blog' Bikhara sitare"...yes, the narration has potential both as a novel/memoirs...but I will have to seek permission of the characters involved in it...particularly, when the real crisis & drama begins in the life of the protagonist...& reaches a crescendo, that no reader can imagine...thus, life is stranger than life!
    This a real life story that's been narrated by me...but somewhere along the line, I want the protagonist to take the reigns in her hands!May be by the time the serial reaches, 19/20 th part, Pooja may take off...! At least 10 episodes should be written by her..I 'll edit for her, or may b take dictations...

  2. देर न कर राही , अपनी मंजिल खोज ले ,
    नही लौटने वाले ये क़ीमती लम्हें ,
    या हाथ पकड़ इन राहों के ...
    भोर तेरी मंजिल , तय कर ले ...

    Phir ekbaar anek shubh kamnayen!

  3. I understood the meaning of the sign, but couldn't co-relate...! Wondered as to what was there to smile about ! Now I know...thanks for taking the trouble...once again, all the very best...& yes, you have quoted beautiful "ashar"!

  4. etne to udshehey hai aapke fir kaise apne jeevan ko nirudheshey kah rahe hai...khoobsurat bhav..

  5. I hope dat dis dream of u...will cum true...Amen!!!

  6. @Monali..Yep..hope so :)..Thanks a lot


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