Sunday, August 30, 2009

Belief !!!

I have never given up in life

i have always defeated ...

these circumstance and the false traditions of the society,

n i ll do the same in future...

i ll never be defeated and let be defeated

my heart ...

My Heart !

which gets confused sometimes,

puzzled sometimes

feels defeated by circumstances sometimes

but i know

whatever happen

The night may be the darkest ...a shining start is there

always there

m also like the same shining star

a Star having a lot of confidence

and having courage,braveness and unbreakable HOPE

n i ll go to the final destination

i have the belief...

the belief...

the belief...


  1. Hi, I got your link through a community over orkut. Thr I read one of ur post stating that u are associated with an NGO, so I blv tht u must be knowing how to conduct a workshop at grassroot level. We are a set of professionals who wants to conduct few workshops to spread awareness about global warming and we want to do it at grassroot level ( slum/village areas). Can we get some ideas from you as in how to go about it.. I mean how to gather people and all that... We are novice in this feild... So little help would be much appreciated... (I posted it here as I couldnt send it through orkut scrap, hope you ll revert, my id is

    And must say above words were really nice .. and all d best for your book....

  2. Excellent boss, keep it going on........

  3. its not jst a belief its its the way u feel,u hav the power to get off allthrough, u hav the way to go through, go on n finally u will get through..


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